2009-05-12 09:52 am

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Finals are killing me,

I will be using this more soon.
2009-05-05 08:27 pm
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Photographic Evidence.

This is the outfit I wore on my birthday, I am indifferent about the bubble skirt.

This is also my favorite corner of the house that I share with Drew. We have lots of interesting art that I like to be surrounded with. Right now i'm lying on the red couch stoned listening to the new Coconut Records album and it is quite nice.

2009-05-05 06:04 pm

Milosz: "So Little"

I have been reading a lot of this poet, and many of the themes ring true to me on this birthday. Enjoy!


I said so little.
Days were short.

Short days.
Short nights.
Short years.

I said so little.
I couldn't keep up.

My heart grew weary
From joy,

The jaws of Leviathan
Were closing upon me.

Naked, I lay on the shores
Of desert islands.

The white whale of the world
Hauled me down to its pit.

And now I don't know
What in all that was real.

Berkeley, 1969
2009-05-05 05:56 pm
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This birthday. 23.

Today is my birthday and I am 23 years old.

I would say finally but I feel liminal as though I was born yesterday and will be buried tomorrow. Let's just say i'm in a bit of a transition.

I graduate in two weeks and start graduate school in three months, I am preparing myself all summer by practicing Spanish and French daily, exercising more, writing as much as possible, and remembering to enjoy myself.

That seems to be the hardest part, remembering that happiness and sanity are sort of necessary in order to succeed. Ultimately I will stumble upon this, hopefully after completing everything.